Importance of Money Conversation with Kids

Money Conversation with Kids: Why it Matters?

“My mother’s menu consisted of two choices: Take it or leave it.”- Buddy Hackett

Hello Financial Seekers,

What consisted in your mother’s menu? Whether it consisted take it or leave it option? Consciously prepared affordable home cooked delicacies? Or fine dining at fancy restaurants with exhausted credit cards that crossed the limits?

Did your mom carry costly brand name purse with little or no money inside? Or did your dad drive one of the fancy cars that the payment took away 12 hours of his time every single day from you?

What were some of the memories that you carried growing up in your childhood home? How about money conversation?

Was it a taboo?

Were you shushed when you wanted to know about it’s in and out?

Or there had been frequent money conversation over the dining table?

Did your parents share about their income and tracked expenses in your presence?

Or this was something that you were totally ignorant or indifferent as a child?

How does it hit now?

What is your opinion and understanding of money?

You may question, Why it is important? Or why it even matters?

Well, in order to make most out of it, we need to know about the dynamics of money first. We need to know about its characteristics and value before using it and letting it impact our life.

We need to initiate a conversation about money, not only in home, with your children, but in every different setting of life.


Francis Bacon answered it well, “money is a great servant but a bad master.”

And a healthy conversation in home and with our children tailors us to be a master and not a servant.

Knowing about money dynamics gives us power and that power becomes a key of your financial freedom.

Why we need financial freedom?

Well, I may not have to answer this question, whether you work for a 8-5 job or for someone else, you know how your time is tied in others’ wills!

Stay tuned; we will continue the money conversation in upcoming blogs through this informative platform!

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Choice is yours!

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