Sense 2 Cents “The Financial Literacy” Board Game”

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With this tool, learning can become part of the family fun! Sense 2 Cents challenges you and your family to test your financial management skills in this immersive board game made to bring joy and knowledge to your family.

You can travel down the road of life and see where your skills and luck will get you. This tool is made for children and adults alike. You will develop your children’s financial literacy and decision-making capabilities while engaging in leisurely fun.

Learning financial literacy and life lessons become easy when you are having fun, that’s why we designed this board game to be a challenging and pleasurable experience for children.

The rules are simple. Accumulate more wealth than the other players to become the winner. Be mindful as you play though, many unexpected challenges and opportunities are bound to cross your path, just like in the real world!

Careful planning and clever decision making will separate the winner from the loser, teaching your children important lessons when it comes to making, spending and managing their finances.

The game features up to 4 players with different tools each player may use to get ahead of the competition.

A credit score system is used for teaching the importance of keeping good credit.

“Life happens” events are included that simulate life’s randomness.

The “Banker role” is a special position to help children understand the intricacy of today’s world.

Sense 2 Cents cash – is used to simulate the financial decisions children will have to make in the real world.