Printable(Digital)-Money Talk: Guide for Parents Teaching Teens and Young Adults about Financial Literacy

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As parents, we strive to instill good habits in our children in hoping they bring these lessons into adulthood. Most adults who eat well, get exercise and include good practices as part of their lives developed them over time, which dates back during their adolescent years. We should instill financial literacy and good financial habits throughout our children’s lives, and the younger we start, the better.

Most adults are poor at managing their finances never reaped the benefits of learning the basics about money when they were young, and we manifest it during their adult life. Like good eating habits and good manners, it is best to educate our children about the world of economics and how it affects them throughout their lives while they are young.


Subjects covered are Credit Scores,Debt,Paying for Credit,Investing,The Equivalence of Value Money and Working for Money.