Sense 2 Cents: Financial Literacy for Children and Young Adults – Sense 2 Cents LLC


We have been busy on the flashcards as well we love em. It really brings us together.

Ashley Middleton

Easy way for kids to grasp finance!!

Inola Marcus

These financial literacy cards are bomb! They are taking it all in !! Thanks to Ashley M Clark keep doing what you do y'all go get yours every child needs this!! A small $15 investment to educate kids about finances and credit!

Jennifer Davis

My babies love their financial literacy card they are learning and having so much fun! I will send you a video soon! What a great investment %% !!


From the bottom of my heart i just want to say thank you. Sintel has been walking around the house saying momma you know what's coming up..... Money classssss day!! He was so impressed by your last class he was talking about it for dayssss. I was almost ready to tell him to shut up and we are not going back to that bank lol. All jokes aside he is super stoked about the upcoming class and ready to tell you about the deposits he has made. Don't take for granted what you are doing because you are making a great impact.