Will you share my story with your little one?

My crush with money started when my dad gave me a roll of dimes, and that was a life changer for my destiny, initiating my life long affair with money!

Yes, that little girl is a mother now. Many things changed in the course of time, but one thing remained solid and clear; that is, a passion of sharing the magic of money to educate kids and families across the globe.

Yes, I found my “Call” early on, and that is to help kids make sense of money from the beginning.  I believe I have a special knack for this. In our American culture, when 1 in every four parents report never to talk about any kind of household finances with their kids, I am not surprised if parents lack the skill and vocabulary to communicate with their kids about money?

One needs a special art to convey message to kids. If there is no fun, kids won’t listen or learn. Thus, I meticulously prepared all Sense 2 Cents products using my innovative research that are accumulated over years of knowledge, passion, and work experience in home as well as financial institutions, fostering healthy learning habits. Also, as a mother and a life long educator, I truly believe learning should be a two-way path, where both educator and a learner mutually experience the joy of learning by creating fun memories together.

The popularity of flash cards and activity books both are backed up with these mutual learning-with-fun themes.

Lastly, Home is the first school for kids, and it is our responsibility to raise financially knowledgeable generation. We owe this to our future self. My mom has been my mentor, my dad has been an igniter of financial passion in me, and now, that tiny spark of a small girl has transformed Sense 2 Cents into an essential brand. Since 2018, the Sense 2 Cents products have been shipped all over the U.S. and internationally with overwhelming responses of gratitude and encouragement from parents as well as from children. This is what inspires me to face each new day with a new hope and determination to impact lives of children.

I hope my story will inspire you to make a better relation with your kids and money, so that you will become a change that you wish to see in your financial world.

My final message, “don’t tell your kids “money doesn’t grow in a tree.”

Plant a seed of Sense 2 Cents & make their future financially free!”



Ashley Clark,

Founder, & CEO

Sense 2 Cents